A nation’s priorities

So apparently almost half of New Zealanders don’t think that climate change is an urgent and immediate problem. If you say that 52.4 percent of people do think it’s an urgent problem, it doesn’t sound so bad. Until you realise that four years ago, 75.4 percent of people thought it was an urgent problem. That’s a pretty big drop, considering that the problem hasn’t actually gone away. If anything, it’s probably more urgent now than it was four years ago. Continue reading

What’s the big fracking deal?

Fracking (hydraulic fracturing) has been in the New Zealand news quite a bit in recent times. If you haven’t heard about fracking, you’re not alone: a recent study in the US found that 63% of respondents had never heard of or were not familiar with hydraulic fracturing. There’s a great song which explains fracking in a nice concise way – it’s well worth a listen. Continue reading

The five stages

A while ago I read about someone saying that the five stages of grief (the Kübler-Ross model) can describe how people react to bad news, including peak oil. When you think about, that applies not just to peak oil, but to climate change in general. Here are the five stages, and the climate change statements that I think are characteristic of each one: Continue reading