A nation’s priorities

So apparently almost half of New Zealanders don’t think that climate change is an urgent and immediate problem. If you say that 52.4 percent of people do think it’s an urgent problem, it doesn’t sound so bad. Until you realise that four years ago, 75.4 percent of people thought it was an urgent problem. That’s a pretty big drop, considering that the problem hasn’t actually gone away. If anything, it’s probably more urgent now than it was four years ago. Continue reading

Connecting the dots

Today is ‘Climate Impacts Day’, which is organised by 350.org. This year for them is all about connecting the dots between climate change and the crazy weather we’re seeing. And if you’re wondering why they’re called 350.org, 350 parts per million (ppm) is the number which according to scientists is the safe limit of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. We’re currently sitting at 392ppm. Continue reading