Links I like:


Blog by Amy on doing one year of only buying New Zealand-made, ethical or fair trade, or pre-loved clothing –

Blog by the Center for American Progress Action Fund that advances progressive ideas and policies –

Blog by Tom Murphy on using physics and estimation to assess energy, growth, options –


CAST: New Zealand-made women’s clothing, with a made-to-measure option –

Out There Clothing: New Zealand-made, organic cotton –

Rixon Groove: New Zealand-made men’s & women’s shirts, ties (including made-to-measure!) –

Thunderpants: New Zealand-made underwear, organic cotton –

Thrive: New Zealand-made women’s clothing, organic cotton –


Living Nature: 100% natural ingredients –

Viola Organics: BioGro NZ Organic Certified cosmetics –

Household products and things for the house

Creators of environmentally responsible products –

Terra Lana Wool Home Insulation (uses waste wool too!) –


GreenFacts on health and the environment –

Support the Rio Forest Certification Declaration –

The world’s largest forest certification organisation –

Upcycle Magazine (with great tips for re-purposing items) –

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