What I am doing

As mentioned under ‘About this blog’, I think individuals can make a difference. Here’s what I am doing:

  • composting! (yay, finally got a totally awesome ROTAYTA composter, made from re-purposed materials)
  • buying organic, locally produced, eco-friendly products* as much as possible, including cosmetics, clothing and cleaning products
  • recycling paper, plastic, cans and glass
  • buying power from a company that generates power using renewable sources
  • catching the train to and from work
  • conserving water (eg by turning off the shower while I’m soaping up)
  • having at least one meat-free day a week
  • turning our microwave and coffee machine off at the wall
  • washing all our laundry in cold water and using the tumble dryer only rarely
  • only having the light on in the rooms we are in
  • using reusable sanitary products (ie a mooncup and washable pads)

For any readers not so familiar with New Zealand, central heating in homes is not wide-spread, and we don’t have it in ours. A lot of New Zealanders use heated towel rails to dry their towels, but I just hang our towels over a clothes rack between showers. Where possible, we hang our washing out on the line to dry, but otherwise I dry it inside on a clothes rack. We run a dehumidier some days, which helps to dry the laundry more quickly; otherwise it would stay wet for two or three days.

*Examples of eco-friendly products: our toilet paper is NZ-made from renewable plantation fibre and certified fibre (and it’s 3-ply!). The dishwasher tablets, air freshener and laundry powder are phosphate-, nitrate-, chorine-, ammonia- and GE-free, and of course made in New Zealand.