A nation’s priorities

So apparently almost half of New Zealanders don’t think that climate change is an urgent and immediate problem. If you say that 52.4 percent of people do think it’s an urgent problem, it doesn’t sound so bad. Until you realise that four years ago, 75.4 percent of people thought it was an urgent problem. That’s a pretty big drop, considering that the problem hasn’t actually gone away. If anything, it’s probably more urgent now than it was four years ago.

An almost bigger concern should be the 19.5 percent of people who think climate change isn’t a problem, and even worse, the 14.1 percent who don’t know. Perhaps 14.1 percent of people live under a rock and don’t see the news reports about the extreme weather… I feel sorry for them – it must be horrible living under a rock. As for the 19.5 percent of people who don’t think it’s a problem, well, perhaps they just don’t think.

Interestingly, 77 percent of Americans say they are worried about global warming. Perhaps if we experienced all the crazy weather they do, New Zealanders would feel differently about climate change? I certainly wouldn’t wish those droughts on my worst enemy, but I suspect it won’t be long before New Zealand starts being affected by climate change / global warming. While most people don’t see a problem with the 1°C that New Zealand has warmed over the last 100 years, anyone who loves skiing might be less than happy with the NIWA forecast for continued warming and decreased snowfall.

P.S. You might want to save the photo below, for when you need to explain to your children or grandchildren what ‘snow’ is…


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