Limits to population growth and consumption

The Royal Society has this week (26 April 2012) released a report which gives an overview of the link between global population and consumption, and which looks at what the implications are for a finite planet. In this YouTube clip, Sir John Sulston discusses the report. It is good to see such a renowned organisation as the Royal Society involved in this report, which underlines what many people are starting to say: we can’t afford to continue on the same path; something will have to give.


2 thoughts on “Limits to population growth and consumption

  1. erichdrumm says:

    I agree society needs to change otherwise the destruction of mankind is inevitable. We should discuss this and see if we can come up with ideas on how to change the world.

  2. Interestingly, the top two things which are the most destructive to the environment are not ordinary people but…..

    1. Government debt based / fiat economic systems (effectively ponzi schemes) which are so unsustainable and corrupt they require perpetual and accelerated economic growth in order not to collapse. This growth can ONLY be maintained (temporarily) by plundering and exploiting the only real wealth out there – earth’s natural resources (and human labour).

    As a side note, consumerism was ‘invented’ in the early 20th century by the ruling classes and big business who realised that massive technological advances were making us far too efficient and productive which would inevitably result in general public enjoying much less working time and much more free time (ie a two day working week!). They knew if this happened culture would become elevated, philosophy, the arts and spirituality would flourish and people would start to wonder why they needed ‘rulers’ at all! And so the rulers, bankers and big businessmen devised a system where goods became more than merely functional, they became the way we express ourselves. And they invented the concept of built in redundancy (limited lifespan) for things like household appliances (watch the documentaries ‘the lightbulb conspiracy’ and ‘the century of the self’ on youtube).

    2. War. For example the depleted uranium weapons dropped by western forces which has poisoned the wells and entire water tables in Iraq and Libya. They might stay poisoned with radiation for centuries or even millennia.

    Until the ‘establishment’ (Royal Society included) speak out against these top two factors which are killing the planet we will know they are not really that interested in the environment at all, even if they pretend to be.

    And as long as they keep blaming the population we will know they are shifting the blame away from themselves and onto the general public, and hijacking the environmental movement in order to further control and exploit the population through the age old, tried and tested psychological weapons of FEAR and GUILT.

    You might like to research some of the policy documents and people associated with UN Agenda 21 and the Club of Rome.

    Environmentalism might be a noble cause, but noble causes are sometimes the most dangerous ……..because evil of men know they can pretend to champion such noble causes and thus manipulate the hearts and minds of the public into following them anywhere……

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