Our universe revolves around the earth…

Today is the 42nd Earth Day (not to be confused with Earth Hour at the end of March), and people all over the world are taking part.  This year’s Earth Day is about broadening, diversifying and mobilizing the environmental movement.  Earth Day Network is also aiming to register ‘a billion acts of green’.  Acts of green cover a wide range of things, from using reusable shopping bags and eating more local food, to installing solar power and preserving tropical rainforests.  I have pledged an act of green – will you?

For Earth Day this year, NASA has unveiled a new version of its ‘State of Flux’ image gallery, which shows stunning before-and-after images of our ever-changing planet.  It’s worth taking a look.

This Earth Day, some people will look back at environmental success stories, while others will make ‘New Year’s’-type resolutions, or work on reducing their impact on the environment.  I will keep doing what I have been doing, which includes trying to save water, not buying unnecessary stuff, buying New Zealand-made products where possible when I do need to buy something, and increasing my knowledge about the environment.  And I will do what I hope everyone else will start doing too:

Make Earth Day not just one day each year, but every day of our lives.


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