So maybe it’s not an education problem

I used to think it was a lack of knowledge that stopped more people from wanting to do something about climate change. Ah, how I miss those halcyon days of naivety… Because if it was a shortage of information, that would be easy to solve. After all, we live in the information age!

But I read an article that made me realise the problem was far bigger than I thought.

What they found was that the divide about climate change was still widening between people, despite mounting evidence backing up the facts about climate change. Even more disturbingly, it’s people who consider themselves very well-informed about global warming who seem to think that there’s a lot of scientific disagreement about global warming. So politically sophisticated / knowledgeable people are often more biased, and less persuadable…

So it’s back to the drawing board for me: I already knew I couldn’t make people care about climate change (not even my husband!), and now it seems you can’t educate them into wanting to do something about climate change either.

At least this quote from the latest Dr Seuss movie, ‘The Lorax’, gives me a bit of hope:

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”


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