Why I’m starting this blog

“Our numbers expand but Earth’s natural systems do not.” (Lester R Brown)

I am hoping that by sharing the things I am learning, I can spread awareness of the environmental issues we face. The problems we are facing (climate change, biodiversity loss etc.) are complex and difficult to understand, and they need integrated, long-term solutions. Democratic government isn’t geared to implementing long-term solutions. For example, in New Zealand, we have an election every three years, which doesn’t leave much time to implement any solution that might initially be unpopular, but would be good in the long run.

So we as individuals need to make a difference, by voting for the parties that have environmentally sound policies, and by voting with our wallets: buying products that do not have harmful impacts on the environment. And possibly even more importantly, if you choose not to buy a product because it’s not environmentally friendly, let the company know that! It all comes down to grassroots pressure. Think about it:

“There isn’t a government in the world that would have done anything for the environment if it weren’t for the citizen groups.” (Konrad von Moltke)


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